One Nanny, Two Families

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I can't afford to hire a full time nanny. What are my options?

One Nanny, Two Families

Hiring a nanny might seem like the logical thing to do. In fact, it might even be an absolute necessity. It's easy to understand how families on a budget might have second thoughts about hiring a nanny, especially if the amount of money being earned outside of the home translates directly into a nanny's wage. There's no question that a professional nanny's wages are well worth the extra expense, but let's face it…you probably don't want to sacrifice every extra dollar you earn only to find yourself feeding your family cat food at the end of the day. The solution? Nanny sharing! Get together with your neighbors, close friends, relatives, or any other family looking to share the services and expenses of a professional nanny.

The ideal situation would involve working together with someone you know really well. Maybe your best friend is in the same situation as you, or you have a neighbor who could use the services of a professional nanny. How you make it work is completely up to you, but here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Decide whose home to use. Do you want to alternate homes so that the kids have a chance to spend some time in their own spaces? If you live within close distance to the other family, this might be easier. Otherwise, it might be best to settle on one childcare location that stays consistent.
  • Have a heart-to-heart with the other family to make sure you both agree on what the nanny responsibilities should be.
  • Have an initial meeting with the other family and schedule follow-up meetings to keep on top of how things are going. Before you hire a nanny it's best that both families agree on the salary range, vacation days, sick days, and any benefits included.

For a shared nanny experience to work, both families have to feel comfortable with each other, feel confident that their kids are safe in the other family's home, and are willing to keep the lines of communication open and honest.



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