Creating An Informal Nanny Agreement

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What should I include in a homemade nanny agreement?

Creating An Informal Nanny Agreement

First time hiring a nanny? Let's assume you've got the perfect candidate in mind. Maybe you've already offered her a job. Pat yourself on the back for getting this far in the process. The only thing left to do is draw up a nanny agreement.

When you decided to hire a nanny, chances are you had some specific responsibilities in mind. Sure you needed someone to help watch the kids, but maybe you had visions of someone who could do a little light cooking and maybe a little dusting here and there. In that case, it's a good idea to create some type of nanny agreement that outlines your expectations for the nanny, the pay, any overtime expectations, etc. A nanny work agreement is really just a signed document outlining all of the things that were covered in the interview. If you decide to add something that wasn't already discussed, make sure to point it out to the nanny before asking her to sign the agreement.

Nanny contracts or agreements don't have to be created by a lawyer. Just make sure the document is clear and easy to understand. You might want to include your expectations on:

  • How much you're willing to pay for regular hours
  • How you'll compensate for overtime hours
  • Hours of work
  • Rules of the house for both the kids and the nanny
  • Any benefits including use of the family car, etc.
  • Guidelines for daily activities, duties, etc.

At the bottom of the nanny agreement, leave room for your signature, the nanny's signature, and a spot for a witness signature. And d on't forget to date the document!



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