Breaking a Nanny Contract

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How can a nanny contract be broken?

Breaking a Nanny Contract

Many families worry that a nanny contract will mean they could be stuck in a situation that is unsuitable. In other words, they aren't happy with their nanny, and they want out of the nanny contract. On the other hand, the same could hold true for a nanny. She may decide that her working conditions are also unsuitable, but she is afraid to break her nanny contract for fear of future reprisals and repercussions. Can a nanny contract be broken? The answer is yes.

While nanny contracts generally do protect the legal interests of both parties, they aren't usually as binding as some might believe. If the nanny contract was created by a nanny agency, then the agency should do its best to work with both the family and the nanny to correct the current situation. In some cases, this might mean that a new nanny is referred to the family, and in others, it might mean that a nanny is hired by another family. For both parties, however, there should be a notice given, preferably at least two weeks. This will allow both the employing family and the nanny to find a different arrangement that is more suitable.



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