Sample Nanny Contract

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Where can I find a sample nanny contract?

Sample Nanny Contract

You can typically find a sample nanny contract on-line. If you are using a nanny agency to help you find and employ a nanny, they will usually provide a generic sample nanny contract for you to use or to modify. Modification is the key to a successful nanny contract. Even if you find a sample nanny contract on-line, you'll probably need to modify it somewhat to suit your needs and the needs of your nanny. It is important that every possible issue regarding the employment of your nanny is spelled out in the nanny contract. While some issues, such as who puts the children to bed or who fixes their breakfast, may seem trivial, similar issues could cause misunderstandings and lead to strained relationships between a nanny and her employers. A nanny contract will protect the rights of both the nanny and the employer. A sample nanny contract will generally cover the following:

  1. Salary and wages
  2. Benefits
  3. Health insurance
  4. Vacation time
  5. Overtime
  6. Duties and responsibilities
  7. Emergency care



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