Nanny Surveillance Cameras

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Can I use a nanny surveillance camera in my home?

Nanny Surveillance Cameras

The International Nanny Association has established the following guidelines for the use of nanny surveillance cameras:

  1. It is preferred that the employer discuss the use of a nanny surveillance camera before the nanny is hired.
  2. The International Nanny Association recommends that a written agreement is signed by both the family and the nanny concerning the use of a surveillance camera.
  3. The association also believes that any use of undisclosed cameras could result in embarrassment and the subsequent loss of a nanny.
  4. The association also points out that lesser quality cameras may not show adequate time frames or accurate pictures.
  5. The International Nanny Association also suggests that employing families become familiar with their state's laws governing the use of nanny surveillance camera.
  6. The association also cautions parents to terminate a nanny immediately upon suspicion of neglect or abuse.



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