Information for Families on Hiring a Nanny

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What information should I have before hiring a nanny?

Information for Families on Hiring a Nanny

The International Nanny Association has specific guidelines for use in interviewing and hiring a nanny. Two of the most important points to remember, however, include the following:

  1. Trust your intuition. Even if everything looks good on paper, if you have doubts about the nanny that you are interviewing, keep looking.
  2. Interview the nanny more than once. While you will probably form an impression of the nanny and she will form an impression of you during the first interview, it makes sense to schedule at least one more interview to see if you both feel the same way again.
The International Nanny Association also recommends asking several "what if" questions to try to understand the nanny's philosophy and views on child care. Of course, it is important to find out about her experience, education, and expectations from the job, but you should also get to know her personally as well. Will her personality fit in with your family's lifestyle? Is she too quiet or too loud for your children? All of these points should be considered. Finally, the International Nanny Association also recommends checking references twice, especially if you are interested in hiring a particular person.



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