Positive Characteristics of a Nanny Agency

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What are some positive characteristics of a good nanny agency?

Positive Characteristics of a Nanny Agency

When you begin a nanny search on-line, you may be surprised at the amount of nanny agencies available. With so many agencies, how do you know which one to choose? A good nanny agency should offer the following characteristics to help you in your search for the perfect nanny for your family.

  1. A nanny agency's employee list should be current.
  2. Potential employers should be allowed access to the full list of nannies available.
  3. Those who are attempting to find a nanny, should be able to access bios and profiles.
  4. Comprehensive background checks should be made available.
  5. Registration for the nanny agency's Website should be easy to use.
  6. The nanny agency should clarify any and all fees pertaining to the use of a nanny registry.
  7. The nanny agency should offer clear instructions for contact between the nanny and each family.



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