Live-In Nanny Search

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How do I conduct a live-in nanny search?

Live-In Nanny Search

Conducting a live-in nanny search can be stressful. A live-in nanny will, in essence, become a part of your family. Obviously, there will be a period of adjustment for both your family and your nanny. When you are conducting a live-in nanny search, you should consider the following tips:

  1. Do you have room in your home for a live-in nanny? If not, are you willing to make the necessary accommodations?
  2. Your family and your new nanny should spend some time getting to know each other before she moves in.
  3. Be sure you and your nanny understand and agree with all the logistics of your arrangement. Before you begin a nanny search, it's a good idea to write out your expectations.
  4. Get professional help from a lawyer or legal aid to help you design a nanny contract. This will protect both you and your nanny.
  5. Be sure your contract stipulates important items, such as overtime, vacation pay, extra duties, etc.
  6. Does your nanny provide up-to-date and accurate references. When you are searching for a nanny, it is imperative that you check references before you hire!
  7. What type of training or experience does your nanny have?



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