Questions To Use When Finding a Nanny

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What questions should I use when finding a nanny?

Questions To Use When Finding a Nanny

Before you begin the process of finding a nanny, you should make a list of questions that you want answered. These questions can be used whether you do an independent search or use a nanny agency to help you find a nanny.

  1. Do you want a live-in or live-out nanny?
  2. How often will your nanny need to work? Break this down by days and hours per week.
  3. What services will your nanny be expected to provide? Will she also be required to do housework, or will her primary duties only involve taking care of your children?
  4. How much money are you willing to pay for a nanny? You'll need to decide how much you can afford based on the amount of work the nanny will be expected to perform.
  5. What is the going rate for live-in or live-out nannies in the area? You should be prepared to pay around the same amount that other nannies are paid.
  6. What qualifications should the nanny have? Do you value formal training over experience?



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