Nanny Contracts Protect the Nanny and Family

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Nanny Contracts Protect the Nanny and Family

A nanny should not start work until there is a contract in place. The nanny contract is not only a legal document, but it serves as protection for the nanny. The contract should list payment (both regular and overtime), outline duties and serves as a point of understanding for the parents and the nanny. The nanny is protected from being asked to do duties above and beyond her normal responsibilities. Since nannies work in the home, it is common for parents to assume that they have lots of time to do things around the house. A nanny contract formally sets the boundaries between the nanny and the parent's household. If you are a nanny and a contract is not set forth at the beginning of your employment with a family, it is advisable to suggest a contract, provide examples and explain the benefits for the family.



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