Temporary Nanny Jobs You Never Knew You Had

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Should I apply for a full time nanny job if all I have is temporary nanny experience?

Temporary Nanny Jobs You Never Knew You Had

Sometimes creating a resume with a list of “previous childcare experience” requires a bit of creativity, especially if you're young or haven't worked in many places. You may have actually worked in a variety of settings that could be loosely classified as "temporary nanny jobs" and not even known it.

Your job as a lifeguard last summer might seem like the farthest thing from a temporary nanny job, but was it really? How many times did you help kids who cut their skin or cried because their sister or brother stole their sand shovel? Okay, maybe you just observed what happened, taking mental notes of how the kids' parents or caregivers handled the situation. The very fact that you were responsible for the public's safety says a lot about how you handle stress and responsibility. Make sure to add it to your resume!

Even if all you've ever done is babysit your relatives' kids, add it to the resume. Ask the parents to use their names as references and list all of the different situations that arose and explain how you handled them.

Any situation where you were responsible for the health and well-being of a child could be construed as a temporary nanny job that you can use to your benefit when applying for full time or part time nanny jobs.



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