Beware of Nanny Scammers

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How can I avoid Internet nanny scams?

Beware of Nanny Scammers

If you're looking for a temporary nanny job, beware of scams. You should never have to send money to a family for any reason. Likewise, beware if a family offers to send you money for travel expenses (if you've accepted an international position) with any strings attached. The best way to avoid scams is to work through a reputable, full service nanny placement agency. Whether you're looking for a full time, part time, or temporary nanny position, scammers are out there.

Most online nanny placement agencies earn their money through families looking to hire nannies. The family might need a summer nanny, a full time nanny, or even just a weekend nanny. In order for them to acquire access to you (the nanny), they first have to purchase a membership through the agency. Once the fee has been paid, the family then has access to more of your contact information. No money means no commitment, and no commitment means no contact with the nanny.

To check out a company, have a look at the Better Business Bureau's website for any warnings or reports. Make sure the nanny placement website also lists contact information that includes phone numbers and a real mailing address.

Whether you're applying for a temporary nanny job, or looking to hire a temporary nanny, beware of scammers.



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