Summer Nanny Safety Tips

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What challenges do summer nannies face?

Summer Nanny Safety Tips

If you're about to take on the role of “summer nanny” keep in mind the seasonal related safety issues that can come up. This is especially helpful if you're new to being a nanny, or are faced with watching kids who are quite young.

1) Beach time! There's nothing like the warm breezes off the ocean. Kids and adults wiggle their toes beneath the sand until they hit that spot where the sand is damp and cool. People bring picnics. Kids make sandcastles. People fly kites. There's a lot going on at the beach, making it fun for kids, but a little tiring for the summer nanny. Park your picnic basket further away from the water and keep a close eye on the kids.

2) Bee stings and sunburns. Both of them are easy to get. Before venturing out on that first field trip to the park or the lake, ask the parents if their kids have any allergies or if they're on any medication. Some medications cause skin to burn much quicker than normal. If the child has never been stung by a bee, pay careful attention. Anaphylactic shock can really put a damper on the day.

3) Bring a bag of first aid goodies wherever you travel with the kids during the summer months. Salve, bandages, antibiotic ointment, a small bottle of Calamine lotion, some baby wipes, and lots of water to drink are essential.

4) Make sure you've got your cell phone with you. If an emergency occurs, you can at least immediately call for help.

Being a summer nanny has many rewards. However, you can never afford to underestimate the importance of safety.



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