Summer Nanny Jobs Close To Home Versus Out-Of-Town Nanny Jobs

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Is it possible to find live in summer nanny jobs out of town?

Summer Nanny Jobs Close To Home Versus Out-Of-Town Nanny Jobs

Taking a summer nanny job is a great way to earn extra money for college, to pay on student loans, or to save money to buy a new car. If you're interested in getting out of town for the summer, consider applying for summer nanny jobs that require a live in nanny. Finding a live in nanny job might be a little harder if you're only looking for summer work, but if you market yourself the right way, you might be able to pull it off. For example, when you're posting your profile with an online nanny placement agency, make sure to mention that as a live in summer nanny you will be able to:

  • Provide off-hour care as necessary;
  • Travel with the family to provide childcare;
  • Stay behind and watch the kids so that the parents can take some time to travel alone;
  • Help out around the house to allow the parents to enjoy more of their summer hours

Just how much will you earn as a summer nanny? Well, it depends on where you live and what other nannies in your area are being paid. You could be making anywhere from $10 per hour to over $20. Whether you've worked as a summer nanny before, your education, and whether you find work in a city or town has a lot to do with how much you're paid. The other thing to take into consideration is how many weeks or months you'll be in the summer nanny position. If “summer” starts in early April and ends the first week of September, you'll have earned five months worth of salary. At a minimum of 40 hours per week, at $8 per hour, five days per week, you'd earn $6400 before tax. Working a summer nanny job not only earns you money, it earns you experience and possibly another place to work the following summer.



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