The Responsibilities of a Part Time Nanny Job

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How will I know what's expected of me in my part time nanny role?

The Responsibilities of a Part Time Nanny Job

Whether you're a full or part time nanny, there are definite “no-no's” that should be observed. Obviously, things like smoking in front of the kids, watching inappropriate television, or listening to explicit music is a big fat no-no. But what about some of the less obvious stuff, like talking on the phone?

The best thing to do before starting your job as a full or part time nanny is to ask the parents what they consider acceptable. If there's a contract (and there should be!) read it carefully and ask questions. Some family's might not even think about the small details like whether or not you're allowed to make a snack for yourself or whether they expect you to bring your own food. Are you allowed to take the children out of the house to visit your own friends? What about having friends over? These are all things you should ask the people you're working for, especially if it's not already spelled out in the nanny contract.

Remember, just because you're working as a part time nanny doesn't mean you have any fewer responsibilities. It's important to have a good understanding of what's expected of you before accepting the part time nanny job.



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