Finding a Job as a Mature Part time Nanny

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What can I do with myself after the children have moved out?

Finding a Job as a Mature Part time Nanny

As much as you enjoy your kids, there's a little part of you that can't wait Little Lulu to move out so you can turn her bedroom into that tattoo parlor you've always wanted to run. Then the big day comes. Little Lulu goes off to college, gets her own apartment, and moves on. Now that you're of a “certain age” that tattoo parlor doesn't seem like a great idea anymore. For the first year, you leave the bedroom exactly as Little Lulu left it, hoping that she might decide to quit college, move back home, and mooch off of you for the rest of her life.

Wait a minute! Go bang your head against a wall somewhere. What are you thinking? That's just the Empty Nest Syndrome talking. You need to find something useful to do with your time. Why not think about applying for a part time nanny job? You've oodles of experience (you did raise your own child didn't you?) and it would get you out of the house! Spend some time putting your resume together, post your profile on an online nanny placement agency, and cross your fingers. There are probably all kinds of families out there who could use a mature, responsible part time nanny just like you.



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