Matching a Nanny to the Personality of Your Child

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Should I match the personality type of the part time nanny to the personality type of my child?

Matching a Nanny to the Personality of Your Child

If you have an infant, the choice on who you hire will probably relate directly to the type of experience and education the nanny has. Hiring a part time nanny to help out with an infant is going to involve all of the usual infant-routine stuff like preparing formula, bathing baby, making sure the baby is safe in the crib, being attentive to any changes in the baby's behavior (sudden crying spells or sudden lethargy, for example), and stimulating the baby's senses by talking, singing, and holding the baby. In this situation a part time nanny needs to be someone you like, trust, and who has the right skills for the job.

When hiring a part time nanny to look after school aged kids, there's more the parents have to take into consideration. A part time nanny isn't going to breeze into the home and change your child's personality. At least not in your home! If your child is a quiet, shy, reserved kid who'd rather sit quietly and read or play a board game than hit the biking trail, you probably shouldn't hire a part time nanny who shows up for the interview in a cheerleading outfit with pompom's. A candidate who shows up for the interview with a chant like, “Let's scream (clap clap), Let's run (clap clap), Let's show ‘em how it's done (clap clap)” is probably not going to be a good fit for your reserved child. So, when you're hiring a part time nanny, keep in mind your child's personality, emotional, and physical needs.



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