Nature Trails and Nanny Responsibilities

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Is it okay to schedule outdoor field trips as part of the overal nanny responsibilities?

Nature Trails and Nanny Responsibilities

When you're doling out nanny responsibilities, think beyond the walls of your home. Nanny training usually involves so much more than teaching people how to exercise the eyes in the back of their head. Yes, it's true, you really do have to have eyes in the back of your head in order to keep on top of what the kids are doing. Making sure they're not getting hurt or into trouble are important nanny responsibilities. However, what about the other stuff involved in nanny training?

Nanny responsibilities should bring out the natural joy in children, their creativity, their wonder, their sense of awe in the world, and their natural fascination with nature. Allowing the nanny to use the family car will open up a world of possibilities for your kids. Schedule field trips that the nanny can take the kids on. Places like the zoo, the museum, amusements parks, natural trail walks, etc, are all things that kids soak up like a sponge. As long as the nanny has a valid driver's license, knows how to properly buckle the kids into their car seats, and has some basic safety training, there's really no reason not to include these types of field trips into the nanny responsibilities.



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