Honing in on the Nanny's Education

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How can I find out more about the nanny's education?

Honing in on the Nanny's Education

When you're going through resumes for a full time nanny job keep your eyes peeled for specialty courses like Music and Movement, or Positive Child Guidance. If you're not sure what certain courses are, or what the nanny may have learned from them, visit the website where the nanny claims to have graduated. The website will give at least a short course description. You might be pleasantly surprised to see what these courses are all about. They might not sound overly impressive on paper, but when you see the amount of theory and practicality that goes into the nanny's training, you'll be amazed.

Nanny services should be able to give you an idea of who the nanny is, what her skills are, where her experience comes from, etc. It's up to you to make the call to contact the nanny and dig deeper. If you've gotten to the stage where her resume is in your hand and you're interested in interviewing her, don't be afraid to take the conversation to her education. Ask about the courses she's taken, what they mean to her, and how they will impact her full time nanny job. Ask her for examples of how a certain course she's taken can be directly applied to your children and her day to day nanny responsibilities.

Courses and programs on early childhood care usually focus on the mental, emotional, and physical development of children. If the nanny you're interviewing can articulate how she'll be able to incorporate what she's learned into her nanny responsibilities, you've got yourself a great nanny!



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