Conduct Your Own Background Checks

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Is it possible to get a background check done on myself?

Conduct Your Own Background Checks

When a family is interested in hiring you as their new nanny, they'll likely want to conduct nanny background checks. Don't take it personally! If the tables were turned, you'd probably do the exact same thing. Besides, you have nothing to hide do you? Nanny background checks really aren't much different than the kind of screening done on teachers, coaches, people who'll be working with large sums of money, or any other position of authority. People just want to make sure they're making the right decision. More importantly, they want to make sure their children are going to be safe.

Even though you have nothing to hide, you might feel a little uneasy about the type of information the family is retrieving. If you want, you can go through the process of having your own criminal background check done. Nobody's suggesting you went on a three month drunk and forgot everything within that time frame. It's just that some people feel more reassured when the paperwork is right under their nose, even when it's about them. By having your own background check done, you'll at least know what kind of information the family is getting access to.



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