Preparing to Write the Nanny Contract

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What kinds of things should I consider adding to the nanny contract?

Preparing to Write the Nanny Contract

Nanny positions come with certain expectations; namely, a decent wage and a respectful environment to work in. Before hiring a nanny, take into consideration the impact it will have on your home. The nanny you hire is going to be in your home every day, going about the business of serious childcare. However, as part of the household, she's going to have access to personal, private, and confidential information. Will your nanny share that information with the neighborhood, or will she be sworn to secrecy?

Certain things like confidentiality agreements can be worked into the nanny contract. The same holds true with nanny salaries. Thinking about these things should happen before sitting down to work out the details of any nanny contract. It's impossible to envision every possible scenario and work it into a nanny contract. It's not like you can ask the Magic 8 Ball either. All it will tell you is, “All signs point to yes,” or, “Cannot predict now.” That's not much help!

To get your mind thinking about what you might want to include in your nanny contract, ask yourself the following questions:

1) What's the highest nanny salary I can pay?

2) Do I want to consider working out a nanny share option with someone else in the neighborhood?

3) What specific job duties will I expect the nanny to do on a daily basis?

4) How many hours per week will I expect the nanny to work?

5) Will I offer any benefits, in addition to the nanny salary?

6) Will the nanny have use of the family car?

7) Will the nanny be allowed to use the family phone, have guests over during working hours, or take the children on visits across town?

8) Will there be a confidentiality clause in the contract?

Hopefully, your mind is officially in nanny contract mode now. There's a lot to it and it's always those little things that sneak up on you.



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