Share My Nanny You Say?

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Is my neighbor crazy or was she serious about wanting to share my nanny?

Share My Nanny You Say?

If someone suggests sharing your nanny, do not:

  • Wack them across the face with the back of your hand;
  • Assume they want you to continue paying the nanny salary while they benefit from the services;
  • Laugh,
  • Cry,
  • Say, “What nanny? I don't have a nanny. I don't know what you're talking about.”
A nanny share situation is actually a good way for you to save money. Got your interest now? Like anything, there's always a benefit to pooling your resources. Nanny sharing is no exception. This is how it works:

  • Two families get together and decide that the nanny could work out of one home, while taking care of two family's children.
  • The end.
Collectively, the two families would pay the nanny salary which would have to be a little higher than if she were only working for one family. However, when you divide that nanny salary in half, with both families paying their portion, you still end up paying less than you normally would. Now, don't just assume your nanny is going to be interested in this. It's one thing if you haven't hired her yet. She'll have the option to take the job or decline once she finds out the details. If it's a nanny already working for you, discuss the idea with her. Both families and the nanny should sit down together to discuss the pros, cons, and nanny salary renegotiation.



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