Creating a Winning Nanny Resume

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How important is a well written nanny resume?

Creating a Winning Nanny Resume

A good college education will give you the skills you need to understand child development, child behavior and child psychology. You've got all of the skills and qualifications to become a top notch professional nanny, you just don't know how to find that nanny job.

Unfortunately, the curriculum might not have supported mock nanny interviews or nanny resume workshops. It's not anybody's fault. The reality is there is a limited amount of time to work on the important curriculum stuff, and usually not a lot of time to work on the nitty gritty of actually finding a nanny job. In fact, it's often the students' responsibility to work on those skills.

There are plenty of websites, templates, and resources available online or at local career resource centers, but the main headings to get you started on your nanny resume include the following:

Job Experience – this is where you should list your most relevant work experience starting from the most recent and working your way back.

Education – list all diplomas, degrees, certificates, and even short workshops you may have taken in the past.

References – anyone offering nanny employment is going to want to see references.

Hobbies/Interests – don't underestimate this category. Sometimes people skim over it when they could be adding all of their hobbies that show off their strengths.

Building a good nanny resume is the first step to landing a nanny job. The style of the resume template you use isn't important, it's the content of the nanny resume that will help you land a nanny job.



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