Walking the Walk to a Nanny Job

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Why can't I find a nanny job?

Walking the Walk to a Nanny Job

At one time in your life, you could have written a book on how to become a nanny. But that was a long time ago, when you were young, idealistic, and a non-smoker. You were eleven years old, actually. Your whole life, right up until university, revolved around your desire to work in a full-time nanny job. While the boys next door dreamed of becoming astronauts and oral surgeons, you focused your energies on looking after dolls. It was all one big stage rehearsal for the real thing: finding a nanny job.

Now, in your twenties, things have changed. You're not the same person you were at ten or eleven years old. Sure, you've been desperately trying to land that first nanny job, but things just aren't going right and you don't know why. You've got the education to prove you'd make a good nanny, so why aren't you being asked to any nanny interviews?

A piece of paper proving your education is just one part of the nanny job equation. Appearance matters, whether you like it or not. It could be a sign that you've fallen off the nanny employment train if:

  • you like to wear a big fat clock around your neck like Flavor Flav
  • your blond hair and blue eyes don't stop you from addressing people with “'Sup DAWG??”
  • you don't just have one tattoo, you have a whole sleeve
  • you tape episodes of South Park for the kids to watch on rainy days

It's great that you finally got that diploma saying you're ready to work with children; but what is your image saying? If you really want to find a nanny job, you've got to walk the walk and talk the talk.



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