The Strengths of a Nanny Resume

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What should I look for when looking over a nanny resume?

The Strengths of a Nanny Resume

Not everyone looking for nanny jobs has a Masters degree in child psychology. However, you should have a good look at the nanny resume to see what experience and life skills the person has before hiring. Remember that education doesn't have to come from a classroom. Life and work experience can be equally as important as whether or not the nanny has a certificate or diploma. In fact, that little piece of paper from university doesn't necessarily mean you're going to hire the best nanny for the job.

Keep an open mind when reading nanny resumes and look for her strengths instead of trying to pinpoint her weaknesses.

Nanny interviews will help weed out the good from the bad, but the nanny resume is going to be your first indicator of how well suited the nanny is for the job. Look for things that indicate good organizational skills, like coaching little league teams, coordinating arts and crafts events, etc. Maybe this person has never worked as a nanny before, but she spent two summers traveling the globe with youth groups. That alone indicates commitment, energy, planning skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills. There's no way you couldn't encounter any of these situations during travel, especially travelling with youth.

Look for safety training (first aid, for example) on the nanny resume, and take a look at what her hobbies are. Maybe she likes to bake, read, listen to music, dance, swim, etc. Remember that the things she likes to do on her own might very well be strengths she brings into your home to introduce to your kids.

Pick through the nanny resume with a fine-toothed comb, but remember, you're not looking to flush out weaknesses, you're looking to build on strengths.



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