New Nanny Position Responsibilities

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What can I expect when I switch from one nanny position to another?

New Nanny Position Responsibilities

There are as many different nanny positions as there are people in the world. No two nanny positions are alike, so if you find yourself switching jobs from one family to another, don't necessarily expect the same situation.

Before you accept another nanny position with a different family, make arrangements to meet with them to discuss their expectations. Maybe in the first family you worked with, there were three children under the age of five. The house was a mess, but the parents didn't care. They just wanted you to keep the kids safe, fed, and entertained. Now, with this new family, your nanny position could take on a whole new meaning. For example, they might want one child on a tight schedule. You might be required to drive him to and from sporting events, recreational activities, etc. This family might expect the home to be spotless when they get back from work with a full meal ready on the table.

You can't expect one nanny position to be identical to another. That's why it's important to communicate with the family before signing any contracts. If the family is vague on their expectations for this particular nanny position, ask them direct questions like the hours of work, pay, whether housekeeping duties are required and, if so, to what extent, if grocery shopping or running errands is expected and whether you'll have use of the family car for those things.

Remember, when you're taking on a new nanny position, it'll take some time to get into the rhythm of things and to get used to your new setting and responsibilities.



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