Using Nanny Agencies

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How easy is it to use a nanny agency?

Using Nanny Agencies

Nanny agencies, especially the convenience of online nanny agencies, are perfect when you're looking to hire a nanny. The way it works is simple and free (initially). Simply register with the nanny agency by posting your profile. Everyone looking for nanny jobs will have a profile, and everyone looking to hire a nanny will have a profile. That gives everyone equal opportunity to eyeball each other “virtually” before agreeing to meet. Now, it's important to know that non-paying members of nanny agencies don't have access to all of the profile information, including contact information. To get to that point, you have to pay a fee for the service.

Paying a fee to a nanny agency should provide you with some basic services, including a minimum background check on the nanny. Once you've pinpointed someone specific that you'd like to meet and interview, don't be surprised if she refuses to meet with you at your house. If she's meeting you alone for the first time, she has every right to feel safe and should be expected to suggest a public meeting place. Alternatively, she might ask to bring a support person with her to your home for that first visit. It's not personal; she's just someone who values her safety.

With online nanny agencies, you have the convenience of viewing profiles at your leisure, while specifying the amount of experience and skill you expect.



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