Basic Boundaries to Protect the Live In Nanny

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What sort of boundaries should there be for me as a live in nanny?

Basic Boundaries to Protect the Live In Nanny

It might seem that having a live in nanny is an open invitation to work her 24/7. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It's true that live in nannies may find themselves working longer hours than their non live in counterparts, but live in nannies are usually compensated for the extra hours worked.

As a live in nanny, it's important to set certain boundaries. You'll be sharing a lot of space with the family you work for. Your privacy and the family's privacy are extremely important. In fact, before you sign on any dotted lines to accept a live in nanny position, make sure the contract clearly outlines what the job description will be, which room in the house you'll have, whether you'll have access to the kitchen, and whether or not you'll have your own private bathroom.

It's important to remember all of those little subtle threats to your privacy and down-time that won't necessarily show up in any contract. If anything, these little “something's” could show up at your bedroom door. It's important for the family to explain to their kids that just because you've become the live in nanny, doesn't mean you want the kids banging on your bedroom door all hours of the night.

It takes time for a family and a live in nanny to find a good, working rhythm. However, with a little work, communication, and a signed contract, there should be very few problems.



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