Bringing Your Child To Your Nanny Job

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Is it okay to bring my own child to work with me?

Bringing Your Child To Your Nanny Job

After you find a nanny job, it doesn't make sense to hire a babysitter for your own children while you're out tending someone else's. Naturally, you're going to want to take them with you. This shouldn't pose any problems, but you want to make sure the family (your employer) knows about your plans to bring your child (or children) to work with you ahead of time. There are a few things to consider before introducing your child into a new atmosphere:

1) What's off limits in the new house? If the family has a room they keep sealed off from the kids for entertaining guests or business colleagues, chances are that it's off limits for the kids as well…including your own.

2) If you're bringing an infant or toddler into a home with older pre-schoolers or school-aged children, you may have to safety-proof the house with plugs for electrical outlets, gates that block access to stairwells, etc.

3) If you're bringing an older child into a home with very young children, you may have to talk to your child about what to expect to avoid confusion. For example, your child might not completely understand that even though you're still with them on a daily basis, you're also technically “at work” in your full time nanny job.

There's no need to worry or over-think the situation. Gradually, any issues of concern will become obvious to you. The main thing is to think about any safety issues that might arise. Things like jealousy issues, behavioural issues, etc., will need to be settled sooner rather than later, however.



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