Find A Nanny Job By Making A Great Impression

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What kinds of things will impress families looking for a nanny?

Find A Nanny Job By Making A Great Impression

Families looking for a nanny have a certain amount of anxiety when they're searching for someone to look after their offspring. While parents read through the hundreds of nanny profiles online, they've got every possible red flag ready to wave at the slightest doubt. So how do you break down the barriers enough to invite some communication between you and the family?

Well, before you even start looking for a nanny job, you need to be prepared. Someone genuinely interested in a career as a nanny will have a profile that proves it. Being a member in good standing of various non-profit organizations like the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, being a tutor, studying or planning to study a related field, enthusiasm, and long term goals are all things that appeal to families looking for a nanny.

Remember, the family hasn't seen you yet. They don't know who you are, so you have to communicate in words what you want to convey in person. The best way to shorten your search for nanny positions is to write a clear, articulate, and intelligent profile. Mention any and all volunteer efforts (even if you don't think they directly relate to child care), education, and previous work experience. Try to make a note of your future goals as well. Maybe your ultimate goal is to work in child psychology, or maybe you want to continue your education through life-long learning opportunities while continuing to work in a full time nanny job. Whatever it is you want to say, say it well!



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Finding nanny services that are tailored to the specific needs of a family household can be a difficult and daunting task, but it is not by any means impossible. Nanny services are available to fit all manners of homes and to take care of all sorts of children


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