From Full Time Student To Part Time Nanny

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What kind of job can I get as a student to help pay my living expenses and tuition?

From Full Time Student To Part Time Nanny

Nobody needs money more than a student. Sure you could deliver pizza all hours of the night for minimum wage and meager tips, or you could try a nanny babysitter job. Think about it…you like kids, right? You're energetic, responsible, and understand the importance of good quality childcare, right? So why not start a nanny job search?

Finding a nanny job can you take in a few different directions, but you should start out by asking friends and family if they know anyone with nanny job openings. Starting out by working for someone you know (even a little bit) might be less intimidating for you. If you're in college, the faculty might be in need of a part-time nanny, so don't hesitate to ask them. It doesn't hurt to register your profile with an online nanny job search agency, like, either. It's quick, easy, and free. Plus, the only people who have access to your contact information (and only the information you consent to) are families who have paid for a membership and are serious about finding the perfect nanny.

Part-time nanny positions may be more informal than full time nanny jobs. Of course, keeping the kids safe and well cared for is top priority whether you're working full or part-time, but there might be other differences. For example, a student working a short-time or seasonal position might not be asked to sign a contract. If that happens, ask the family if they'll consider writing one. It's a good idea to have in writing your hourly wage, expected work hours, and detailed responsibilities (at minimum). Finding a nanny job might just be the perfect thing to pad your pockets and help pay next semester's tuition.



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