Disclosing Severe Allergies Before Accepting Temporary Nanny Positions

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Do I need to disclose severe allergies to the nanny placement agency?

Disclosing Severe Allergies Before Accepting Temporary Nanny Positions

These days all you ever hear about is allergies. People are allergic to cat dander, pollen, dust, certain chemicals, perfumes, peanuts, etc. If you're a temporary nanny, and you suffer from severe allergies, make sure to always wear a medical alert bracelet (or necklace) and let every family you work for know before you set foot in the house. In fact, as a temporary nanny with a medical condition like severe allergies, it might be helpful to only work with children or families with similar conditions.

For example, if you're severely allergic to bee stings, working with children who also have the same condition will make your life a lot easier. The family will already have a good understanding of things like Epi-pens, antihistamines, and other medications you might have to use. A family who knows very little about allergies like this might not feel as comfortable having you work as their temporary nanny.

The bottom line is to be very open about your allergies, especially if they could threaten your life. It's okay to specify that you cannot work for families with pets if they're only going to make you sick. Your honesty will be very much appreciated by any and all temporary nanny services involved. After all, their goal is to make good matches between temporary nannies and families. Like you, they want repeat business!



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