Disclosing Medical Conditions

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Do I have to let a nanny placement agency or a family know about my medical conditions?

Disclosing Medical Conditions

As a temporary nanny, you have the same rights as anybody else in the workforce. You do not have to put up with abuse, you shouldn't be taken advantage of, and above all else you should be respected for the work you do. While you don't have to disclose things like medications you might be taking, or why you're taking them, in some situations it makes sense.

If you're working with a child care temp agency, be sure to let them know of any potentially serious medical conditions you have. For example, if you have epilepsy that's currently well managed with medications, the agency should know that. In addition, you should give the agency permission to release that kind of information to their clients. No, you really don't have to, and a family cannot discriminate against you for reasons of health, religion, ethnicity, etc. However, if a family has a legitimate concern over the safety of their children in your care, they do have the right to refuse employment in that case. You know whether you're fit to work in somebody's home as a temporary nanny, but you may have to do a little educating on your condition, how it's managed, and how you handle things on a day to day basis to put the family at ease.



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