How To Land A Summer Nanny Job

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What kinds of training should I take to make my summer nanny resume more appealing?

How To Land A Summer Nanny Job

If you're wondering how to land the perfect summer nanny job, consider taking courses that you can use to plump up your resume. Any courses that especially relate to summer-time activities can be used to your advantage. Think about it: being a nanny for the summer will probably involve poolside supervision, days at the beach or the park, etc. If you can show on your resume that you have specialized skills, you'll be sure to land the perfect summer nanny job.

For example, if swimming is your strength, maybe you could become certified as a lifeguard. If sports are your thing, make sure to spend some time volunteering as a coach, or make note of any awards or trophies you may have won. If you're competing against other college or university students in your area for a summer nanny job, you'll want to make your resume as strong and unique as possible.

Remember, if you're into mountain biking, kayaking, theatre, or anything that can be translated into a fun, safe, summer activity for kids, your resume will probably go to the top of the pile. The family will see you as the kind of summer nanny willing to go out and explore the world with the kids, not sit around baking in the sun all day.



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