Returning To Work - Easing Into Summer Child Care

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Is it possible to hire a summer nanny to help get my kids used to the idea?

Returning To Work - Easing Into Summer Child Care

There are as many reasons for hiring summer child care as there are families. For a parent returning to work, summer might be a good time to get the kids used to the idea of having a nanny caring for them. Young children and toddlers often experience a certain amount of separation anxiety, especially if they're used to having mom or dad around most of the time. So start out slow!

Hire a summer nanny to come in a few times a week to watch the kids while you step out. If your children are especially anxious, consider having the new summer nanny over to the house for a visit, while you're still there. Do that a few times and let the kids get used to the nanny's presence in the home. Keep in mind that you're still obligated to pay the nanny during this transition time. Gradually, you'll find it easier to leave the house. Maybe you'll only be gone for a half-hour the first time you step out.

Using the carefree months of summer to warm your kids up to the idea of staying with a nanny is a good way to prepare yourself for a return to work. If you can return to your job without worry, it'll show. Your kids will be less stressed, you will have had a chance to get to know the new nanny a little better, and you'll be able to concentrate on your return to the workplace comfortable in the knowledge that your kids are home being well taken care of.



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