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Why would I need to hire a part time night nanny?

Nervous about hiring a night nanny to tend to your newborn infant? You might be at first, but after about two weeks of straight sleepless nights, the idea of a night nanny will start to look very good to you. Having a baby takes a lot of mental and physical stamina. Your body goes through tremendous stress during childbirth and delivery, and then it just escalates the minute you get home with the little bundle of joy. If this is your first baby and you're thinking, “How much work can a newborn possibly be?” think again.

Every peep and cry they make is your job to decipher. There are frequent feedings, diaper changes, formula preparation, wondering, worrying, speculating, discussing, and (if you have a baby that frequently hurls) lots of clothes changing (both yours and the baby's). Your laundry load increases and your ability to find time to yourself decreases. You will be tired. Make no mistake about it.

So, how does hiring a night nanny sound now? Uh huh. Get out the phone book, or better yet, log on to a nanny placement agency to see the latest profiles. A part time nanny, or night nanny, will allow you to get some sleep at night without worry. For parents who don't want to completely give up the time spent with the baby during nighttime feedings, hiring a nanny to work only a few nights per week would be the perfect solution! Who knows, as the baby grows and becomes a toddler, your night nanny might just grow with the family and become a more permanent fixture around your home.



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