Understanding Part Time Nanny Pay

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Why do I have to pay my part time nanny more than a full time nanny would make per hour?

Understanding Part Time Nanny Pay

Don't be surprised if you've found the perfect part time nanny only to find out she charges about two dollars more per hour than the full time nanny who works down the street. It's important to remember that a part time nanny is a professional with specialized skills and experience. She probably has a university or college diploma, first aid safety training, understands child psychology and behavior, and can manage a household with her eyes closed. In other words, the part time nanny is much more than a babysitter.

Part time nanny pay is based on the reality that she'll be managing the same level of responsibility for your kids and household but for fewer hours. In order to make a livable wage, she has every right to charge a little bit more than the average full time nanny wage. Now, that same logic might not apply to a part time live-in nanny who might have other benefits like use of a car, meals included in the package, etc.

As far as what to actually pay the nanny, it really depends on your area. Local job or nanny placement agencies in your area might be able to tell you what an average part time nanny pay should be. You could also ask other families in your area who hire part time nannies to see what they pay. Ultimately, expect to pay a little bit more per hour for a part time nanny.



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