Honoring The Work Hours Of A Part Time Nanny

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Is it my responsibility to work around my nanny's other part time job?

Honoring The Work Hours Of A Part Time Nanny

Just because you've hired a part time nanny doesn't mean that she's sitting around doing nothing during the hours when she's not working for you. As a professional, looking to earn a full time wage, your nanny may have found additional employment somewhere else to help supplement her hours. Because of that, it's unfair to expect your nanny to work erratic shifts, or to make last-minute changes to her current work schedule.

Once you find a part time nanny, ask her to be open with you about any other work obligations she has. You don't have to know where she works, or what her job duties are at her other job, but it's important to be able to openly communicate about the days and hours that she'll be able to work for you. Once you've negotiated a nanny work agreement and have both signed it, it's up to you as the employer to stay true to the schedule, and it's your nanny's responsibility to honor her work commitment.

If you value the part time nanny services your nanny provides, you might even decide to offer more hours -- or even a full time job -- to keep her!



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