The Part Time Live In Nanny Contract

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What should I consider before creating a part time nanny work agreement?

The Part Time Live In Nanny Contract

If you're considering hiring a part time nanny from another country, or even from another state, you should consider offering a live-in contract. That means you pay someone for part time nanny services, while providing shelter. Having a part time nanny is defined as someone who works less than 40 hours within your home. Having a part time nanny who works fewer hours but still resides under your roof raises a few questions you should consider. Before you get to work on developing a nanny work agreement or contract, work out some of these considerations beforehand:

1) How many hours will you need your part time nanny to work?

2) Are you looking for a nanny to help out part time through the day, or a night nanny who can help the kids with homework, straighten up the house, and tuck the kids into bed while you're out working a night shift?

3) What kind of part time nanny pay are you offering? Remember, part time nannies are usually paid a little more than the going rate because of less job security. However, that might not necessarily apply to a part time live in nanny. You could argue that the added benefits of living in house (free room and board, use of the family car, etc.) make up for the additional pay someone in a live out nanny job might get.

4) What are the house rules? Will you allow your nanny to have guests over during off-hours? What about food? Will the part time nanny be required to purchase her own food or will you provide that?

These are just a few decisions to be incorporated into the nanny work agreement and they all have an impact on what the part time nanny pay will be.



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