Determining Your Nanny Needs

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Do I really need a part time nanny?

Determining Your Nanny Needs

Let's cut to the chase and say you've already made the decision that something in your life has to change. There's no way you can continue to work a full time job (sometimes it seems like more than a full time job), maintain the household, manage the kids, and keep your sanity. You've thought about sending the kids to daycare and hiring a housekeeper, but your friends had a better idea…a part time nanny!

If you're looking to hire someone to work less than 40 hours per week in your home, a part time nanny might be the perfect option. It will save you the time and travel expense of carting your kids all over town to babysitters, and part time nannies usually do some light work around the house like making snacks, doing laundry and dishes.

Okay, so even though you thought you made the final decision to hire a part time nanny, something might still be nagging at you. Doubts? Guilt? Financial reasons? Let it go! First of all, nobody is going to judge you negatively for hiring a part time nanny. Second, don't feel guilty about getting the help you deserve. When you feel better and more in control of your situation, you'll be a better parent. Third, look at your income tax options to see what you can claim for childcare expenses. What's your excuse now? Get out there and hire a part time nanny.



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