Estimating Live-In Nanny Pay

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What things should I consider when deciding what to pay my live-in nanny?

Estimating Live-In Nanny Pay

There are a lot of things to be considered when estimating a live-in nanny pay scale. Generally, a live-in nanny makes more money for the simple reason that she has more responsibilities. Although it's hard to nail down exact numbers, the average nanny salary ranges anywhere from $250/week upwards of $650/week. It could even be a little more than that, or a little less. The range is huge and depends a lot on where you live, the nanny's work experience, education. If you're in the position of hiring a live in nanny, use some of the following guidelines to estimate the nanny payroll:

1) Hours of work. Will you be paying your nanny to work a few extra hours per day? With the nanny living in the house, she won't have to battle traffic jams or poor weather conditions to get to your house. For that reason, she could be making breakfast and getting the kids ready for school while you're getting ready for work.

2) When figuring out how much to pay a nanny, factor in the unofficial “on call” status of the live in nanny. With your nanny living under your roof, it might be easy to call on her more often to baby sit the children or pitch in around the house during off hours. Those off time or “overtime” hours will have to be compensated and accounted for.

3) The “away from home” factor. If your live-in nanny is relocating from away, you may want to consider factoring in bonuses or benefits like plane tickets as part of the nanny pay scale package.

Whatever you decide to pay your nanny, make sure to draw up a contract, allow her time to read it over thoroughly, make revisions if necessary, and have it signed. A live-in nanny pay scale should take into account a number of things, but ultimately should be fair.



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