Estimating An Honest Nanny Salary

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How should I go about estimated an average nanny salary?

Estimating An Honest Nanny Salary

There's no right or wrong amount to pay a nanny. In fact, the nanny pay scale varies from household to household and from state to state. If you're interesting in hiring a nanny, you might be scratching your head trying to figure out the average nanny pay when really there is no such thing. A quick Internet search will itemize more lists and suggested salaries than you could ever imagine. It might just confuse you even more. By following a few simple guidelines on nanny rates, you'll easily be able to determine a reasonable nanny salary based on what you can afford, and what the nanny deserves.

When estimating the nanny salary, take into consideration the following:

1) Start by writing down a weekly or bi-weekly pay scale (your choice) of $250, $350, $450, $550, and $650. Take a piece of paper and write the figures down across the top.

2) Down the side of the page, list all of the nanny's employability skills and experience. This will help you determine how much to pay a nanny based on concrete facts.

3) Now, start assigning a dollar figure to every skill. For example, if she's only worked as a nanny for six months before, put that under the low-end of the pay scale.

4) Keep doing that until you've assigned a monetary value for each employability skill.

5) Now, add up all of the figures and take an average of that total

Does that look like a reasonable bi-weekly or weekly nanny salary to you? It may be too high, or too low, depending on how you've assessed the factors. It's okay to go ahead and tweak the numbers. You can always define (based on that average nanny salary you've just calculated) a low and high end of the scale. That way, you start the nanny on the lower end of the pay scale, increasing in increments the longer she works for you.



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