On-line Nanny Tax Service

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What should I look for when choosing an on-line nanny tax service?

On-line Nanny Tax Service

A nanny tax service can help families figure out the amount of taxes they should be paying to the federal government for their nannies. Don't sign up with the first nanny tax service you find, however. Use the following checklist to help you find the best nanny tax service for your needs.

  1. Experience-How long has the company been in business, and how much of that business deals with taxes on nannies?
  2. Service-Is there a toll-free number that you can use in case you need to talk to someone?
  3. Specialization-Does the nanny tax service specialize in this area, or does it service a wide variety of tax topics?
  4. User Friendly-Is the site easy to navigate? Are the instructions simply to follow?
  5. Guarantees-What guarantees do the company offer? What is their refund policy?
  6. Timeliness-How quickly will you get results from this nanny service?



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