Using a Nanny Service to Find a Nanny Job

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How can I use a nanny placement service to find a nanny job?

Using a Nanny Service to Find a Nanny Job

Nanny placement services look after the interests of the nanny in addition to the employing family. While a family will be responsible for paying any retaining fees and subsequent fees upon a match, the nanny can usually sign up with a nanny placement service for free. Most services require nannies to be at least eighteen years old. Some nanny placement services also require a set amount of experience and/or education or training. Nannies are typically expected to fill out a detailed application, and a background check may be conducted as well. Once a nanny placement service as accepted the application of a nanny, the service will enter the nanny's profile into a database that may be searched by employing families. Families will then typically contact the nanny to set up an interview, but the nanny placement service should continue to provide support throughout the process.



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