Responsiblities of a Nanny Service

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What are the responsibilities of a nanny service?

Responsiblities of a Nanny Service

Although the duties and practices of a nanny service may differ in some policies, a nanny service usually involves the following:

  1. Collecting a fee-In most cases, this fee is non-refundable whether a successful placement of a nanny has occurred or not.
  2. Conduct interviews-Interviews are conducted to build profiles on the employing families and the nannies.
  3. Advertise and recruit-It is the responsibility of the nanny service to advertise and recruit to expand their available nanny database.
  4. Screen nanny candidates-This may involve interviews, background checks, and reference checks as well.
  5. Referrals-Nanny services should make the initial referral of a nanny to an employing family after the interviews and background checks have been made.
  6. Feedback-A nanny service will usually want feedback from the family regarding the first interview session with the nanny.
  7. Collect fee-The money that will be charged for the completion of a match is usually collected after the nanny begins the job.
  8. Check-ups-A nanny service should check back periodically with both the family and the nanny in regards to the working relationship.



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