Nanny Job Matches

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How do nanny agencies match employers with nannies looking for nanny jobs?

Nanny Job Matches

Most nanny agencies do preliminary screenings before beginning the process of filling nanny jobs. Matching a nanny with a family is usually based on several criteria. Once some or all of these criteria have been met, nanny jobs are easier to fill, and matches are much less difficult to create. Criteria for filling nanny jobs may include the following:

  1. Position-Is the family looking for a live in or live out nanny? What type of nanny job is the applicant searching for?
  2. Job Location-Is the nanny willing to relocate to take a live in nanny position with a family? If not, a list of available applicants in the nearby area will be used.
  3. Job Start Date-In some cases, a family may need a nanny to start a job as soon as possible. This may narrow the applicant field somewhat.
  4. Salary Range-Families and nannies typically have set salary requirements, and this is another factor that can be used to create a successful match.
  5. Job Duties-In some cases, nannies prefer to care for only one or two children, or they may refuse any extra household duties. Both the nanny and the family should be clear about their requirements and expectations.
  6. Age Range of Child/Children-Some nannies prefer to work with only very young children, while others would rather care for school aged children.



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